iPhone X Repair

iPhone X Repair Rates

Is the screen of your iPhone X damaged?
Is it completely or partially cracked? The touchscreen does not work anymore? We replace your display at a very competitive price with an unmatched quality of repair.

Does your iPhone X have battery life problems?
Under certain conditions, we also offer to replace the battery of your iPhone at a very attractive price.

Display Replacement 339 €
Battery Replacement* 99 €
Rear system Replacement / 
Rear Camera Replacement** 109 €
Full Exchange 659 €
* Lower speaker replacement included. (free)
** Rear camera replacement does not include glass replacement.
Prices may differ depending on the result of the diagnosis by our technicians.
Prix applicables uniquement sur les réparations hors garantie.

Our commitments

Réparation le jour même

We replace your iPhone battery/screen the same day.

Prix tout compris

All our prices include taxes and labor.

Pièces    d'origine

All parts used are genuine Apple parts.

Garantie de 3 mois

All our repairs are guaranteed for 3 months.

Techniciens certifiés

Our experts are trained by Apple and use their tools.

Formule Express

On your request, we repair your device in priority.